Costs in Colombian pesos (COP)

CPP: Costs Per Person

Professionals and the general public

Full rate

Until September 30, 2020

  • Congress – $ 500.000
  • Congress – Paper Author $400.000
  • Groups (5 people or more). CPP $400.000
  • Complete series Webinar $ 150.000
  • 2 Webinar $ 50.000


Full rate

Until September 30, 2020

  • Congress – $ 150.000
  • Congress – Paper Author $120.000
  • Groups (5 people or more) CPP $100.000
  • Complete series Webinar $ 75.000
  • 2 Webinar $ 40.000


What does the Congress pay cover?

You can access, from October 6 to 9:

  1. International keynote talks.
  2. Academic presentations.
  3. Scientific and academic documentation of the previous items (Memories)
  4. Commercial documentation of our sponsors, including offers and promotions.
  5. You will also receive an academic kit by mail, with elements to practice some of the topics discussed in the Congress. *
How do I get discounts for my registration?
  1. Being the author of a work accepted by the Congressional Committees. Visit our Academic menu to learn more.
  2. For signing up with friends or colleagues in groups of at least five people.
    For doing so on the advance payment dates.
  3. Through one of our sponsors. (Conditions apply)

    For these cases email to

What are the workshops?

Within the virtual context of the Congress, practical activities will be developed, with results and products with evidence. These have a limited capacity and a single cost to which no discount is applied.


Academic topics:

Trade issues:

Do you have something to tell us?

Virtual connection problems or doubts?


To access Congress, you must register at the National University of Colombia. The registration platform only supports payment in Colombian pesos (COP). If your registration is in a foreign currency, your bank will convert it to your local currency.

Go to U. NACIONAL DE COLOMBIA COntact Luxamérica 2020

Register in the HERMES Academic Information System of Universidad Nacional de Colombia. >> Todos los cursos >> LUXAMÉRICA


After registering, choose one of these payment options:

  • Online bank transfer
  • PSE payment / VISA credit card
  • Billing for Legal Persons

After paying you must send the following supports to the mail

  1. Identity support
  2. Payment support
  3. Discount support (if applicable)