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The Congress has as an objective to promote the development of illumination and the interchange of good lighting practices to contribute to the quality of life in our countries and consolidate the regional integration of the scientific, academic, technical and commercial community from the lighting sector.

Our motto: Color, light and sustainable nature.


We are soliciting all researchers, engineers, architects, designers and the general public to present the abstracts of academic papers or professional projects

if you have questions please contact Laura Gordillo for more information.

Academic subjects

Section 1. Light, perception and color.

1.1 – Lighting human factorsj 

1.2 – Light and Color.

Section 2. Lighting design.

2.1 – Indoors lighting design.

2.2 – Outdoors lighting design.

2.3 – Lighting in the Arts.

2.4 – Luminaire design. .

2.5 – Lighting Education.

Section 3. New Lighting Technologies.

3.1 – Scientific breakthroughs in lighting (luminaires).

3.2 – Energy Efficiency / Rational usage of energy.

3.3 – Applications of new technologies.

3.4 – Roadway and Public Lighting. .

3.5 – Measurements and Tests.

Section 4. Light, hábitat and quality of life.

4.1 – Environmental sustainability and lighting.

4.2 – Daylight and Electric lighting integration.

4.3 – Strategic planning and lighting management systems.

4.4 – Light pollution and environmental impact.

Type of works allowed for submission

  1. Scientific papers.
  2. Academic papers.
  3. Professional design projects.
  4.  Regulatory projects.
  5. Final thesis for professional qualification.
  6. Projects in testing and trials.
  1. Abstract submission second deadline: 6th July 2020
  2. Abstract approval: July 27th 2020
  3.  Paper submittal:
    • 1st deadline: March 2nd to August 29th
    • 2nd deadline: August 30th to 15th September 2020.
  4. Publication of reports and official agenda: September 25
  5. Congress: October 6th to 9th 2020
Conditions for publication

In the interest of the authors, for the acceptance of works, you should abide by the following guidelines.

  1. Every work must be original and created solely for the purpose of the Congress Luxamerica.
  2. Every submission must be the result of scientific research, academic works, design projects, regulatory projects, final thesis or projects in tests and trials.
  3. 3. The works must be present according to the documents el Formato LuxamericaCFP2020.doc (Click here) and must be attached jointly with the corresponding “Formato de Cesión de derechos (COPYRIGHT) del IEE, (click here) ) for the registration of the technical memoris in the ISBN
  4. Only the Works that include their corresponding Copyright statement (formato de Cesión de Derechos) and whose authors are enrolled in the Congress Luxamérica can be published. The statement must be filled out with the required information, namely Title of the work, Author’s names, Name and Signature of the authors and date.
  5. The technical paper and the Copyright statements must be converted to PDF format.
  6. The registration of submitted papers will be through the platform EasyChair :

Submission of Works must be through the following links:

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